Cooler Gaskets

Cooler Gaskets is the online division of Cool Temperature Refrigeration & AC, LLC., which has been in business since 1996 repairing walk-in and reach-in coolers. Marty Boehmer, the owner, has a mechanical engineering background and he attended Texas A & M and the University of Virginia. He holds a refrigeration contractor’s license in the state of North Carolina and is a member of the Refrigeration Engineer’s Society. On leaving university, he saw the need for the manufacturing of high quality cooler gaskets for the refrigeration industry placing a strong emphasis on affordable quality.

Cooler Gaskets manufacturing facility uses machinery, with which high-tech precision measuring and cutting is accomplished in one process, saving time and money. All thermal welding is achieved by suspending the profiles in exact form before being thermally fused ensuring perfect welded angles. Unlike many cooler gaskets, the extrusions offered from Cooler Gasket are made in the United States of America. This is not only a matter of pride, but it means the tool and die process of any profile can be expeditiously accomplished. Cooler Gasket has an inventory of over ten miles of cooler gaskets in stock.

Cooler Gaskets has merited the commercial refrigeration cooler gasket replacement business of thousands of restaurants in America and Canada. The company specializes in the replacement of cooler gaskets for commercial and residential refrigeration, and is a major wholesale manufacturer. The first ominous warning signs that a refrigerator is not operating effectively are puddles of water, heavy frost build-up, and spoiled food. Cracked, loose, or even non-existent door cooler gasket equals an uneconomical high-energy consumption. Cooler Gaskets is a company that is committed to good business ethics and a personal touch when interacting with customers. Its service is prompt and measurements are precisely accurate. Only the highest quality materials and magnets are utilized and locals may ask for a free analysis of their requirements.

Enthusiastic D.I.Y. workers can place their online orders, which will be processed in a speedy and professional manner. Ordering cooler gaskets may be difficult due to the many different types and sizes of cooler box components. Cooler Gaskets has made this process much easier by posting clear and precise details on the website. Customers may be assured of identifying sizes and profiles of each individual manufacturer, so that easy matches can be found for commercial units. The Cooler Gasket diagrams and instructions with specifications may be simply read and understood by do-it-yourselfers, who are going to replace the cooler gaskets in their home refrigerators. The company can assure customers that the correct size and profile will be delivered according to measurements given on the order form. If there is the least doubt in a customer’s mind the company can be of service either on-line or by telephone.

Cooler Gaskets is aware of global concerns for limited resources and has made a point of being an Eco-friendly company and one hundred percent of its scrap material is recycled.