Become A Distributor

How do I start? Simply fill out the information on the contact page and a representative will get in touch with you shortly.

How much will you earn? Spare time? Full time? Whether you are new to the work force , a student with extra time to make extra money or just want to be your own boss, becoming a gasket distributor offers unlimited opportunities. Just stop and look around you, there are endless possibilities to sell and replace worn gaskets. Everywhere there is refrigeration equipment, there is a gasket that needs to be replaced.

When you work for others, they determine your salary, your hours and often, your career path. When you run your own business, selling and installing gaskets, there are no limits to your financial and personal success! Your potential is driven by your goals and determination. It is your choice.

You can do this! You will only need to learn how to measure and identify what type of gasket material that needs replacing. Then you send in your order to our factory. We make the gaskets for you. Send them to you UPS shipping. You install the gaskets and collect the payment from the customer.