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Randell Refrigeration

Randell Refrigeration is the leader in restaurant refrigeration, which includes bar refrigeration, freezer, prep tables, merchandise display coolers, as well as upright refrigerators and worktops. Numerous restaurants across the United States rely on hard-working and effective cooling and refrigeration systems that are delivered by Randell Refrigeration. Cool Temp Refrigeration, together with Randell Refrigeration, has partnered to provide customers with top-quality refrigeration configurations, as well as gaskets that are custom-designed and manufactured to perfectly suit the entire Randell Refrigeration range. Since 1996, Cool Temp Refrigeration has been in operation, offering repair services to a number of refrigerator makes; however, during their repair work, Cool Temp Refrigeration discovered that the need existed within the industry for the manufacture of refrigerator door gaskets that emphasized quality and affordability. It was at this time that Cooler Gaskets became a manufacturer of affordable refrigerator door gaskets that are able to be used within a number of refrigerator applications and configurations.

Cooler Gaskets makes use of state-of-the-art equipment and a precise and exact measuring and cutting process to manufacture a superior quality refrigerator door gasket, which is able to serve the needs of a number of refrigerator manufacturers, including Randell Refrigeration. The thermal welding of the manufactured refrigerator door gasket is carried out by suspending the profiles in their specific form, before they are thermally fused, and this process allows for perfectly welded angles. The Cooler Gasket’s website offers online users with a useful guide on how to purchase and obtain accurate measurements for their specific refrigerator door gasket. Since the gaskets are manufactured according to supplied specifications, the gaskets are able to suit the entire range of Randell Refrigeration projects, including freezer, upright refrigerators, prep tables, and bar refrigerators.

In addition, should you be an equipment manufacturer or a multi-store operation and require a specific profile of gasket, or a number of gaskets, Cooler Gaskets can easily handle any order – regardless of size. Please feel free to view our website at, and learn more about how Cooler Gaskets and Randell Refrigeration can offer your restaurant facility, hard-working and durable refrigeration choices that will cater to your restaurant demands. Existing customers have come to trust Cooler Gaskets’ commitment to service excellence, and are assured of receiving prompt and efficient service, as well as easy-to-use and easy-to-follow order forms and accurate measurements, which will make sure that all customers purchase the correct refrigerator door gaskets for their specific type of Randell Refrigeration. Cooler Gaskets is able to supply refrigerator door gaskets for all types of commercial freezer and refrigerator units, and larger units that are used in professional and up-market kitchens. Regardless of the existing refrigeration configuration, permit Cooler Gaskets to offer you with the necessary resources to make certain that your choice in Randell Refrigeration offers the optimal functioning of your unit. Furthermore, owing to the fact that Cooler Gaskets is a wholesale supplier, all gaskets are purchased at reduced prices, and our knowledge and expertise within the field of refrigeration and cooling will ensure that customers receive useful and practical advice with regards to fitting and replacing refrigerator door gaskets.

True Commercial Coolers

If you are a contractor or a repairman looking for the correct refrigeration gaskets and door seals for fridges, then you will be pleased to find that we have a complete solution for dozens of brand names on the market. This includes gaskets for True cooling equipment, and large sized walk-in cold rooms. True is a highly sought after brand name in commercial cooling equipment that has been designed to be state-of-the-art and robust to deliver cooling room requirements for retail and industries of any size and type. True has designed extensive sized cooling rooms for abattoirs, meat processing plants, and commercial stores’ storage facilities that deliver uncompromising service. In addition, the range of contemporary a True stand-up display fridges for retail food stores and cold rooms for commercial bakeries and restaurant kitchens are the leading choice.

As with any cooling equipment, the most crucial part that should be well-maintained more than anything else is the cooler gaskets between the door and frame. Most will think that these gaskets are insignificant, but this is certainly the opposite. Efficient energy operation of a True cold room means that your gaskets and door seals are in optimum condition. Regular inspections can avoid costly compressor motor repairs, and even loss of products that may perish at incorrect temperatures. Cooler gaskets offer you a complete solution to any model refrigeration and cooling equipment, including for True cold rooms and other refrigeration equipment. We have the correct profiles of True gaskets from which you can choose, and also advice on measurements and ordering.

When you find that your cooler room gaskets are becoming perished or cracked then no delay should be made in seeking replacements. For True cooling rooms and refrigeration equipment, this is just as vital. Taking care of your True cold rooms or even your normal residential fridge is actually quite simple. Regular wiping down with a soft cloth and with a cleaning solution that does not contain harsh chemicals is really all that is necessary. This also allows you to check for cracks or bends that are not air tight when the True cold room door is closed. Cold air will escape from damaged and perished seals, and your refrigeration motors will use more energy to keep the temperatures that you have set on the thermostats.

True Refrigeration gaskets and replacements for dozens of refrigeration makes on the market can easily be ordered online by cold room owners of refrigeration contractors for replacements. You will find That Cooler Gaskets has a very wide range in stock. Choose the correct profile and length and then provide us with the details, and we will make up the gasket you need. You can contact friendly and professional staff at any time for assistance. We have a mission to always provide top customer services, prompt shipping, which you will prefer when you need your True gasket in a hurry, and to top it off, excellent value for money for your refrigeration seals.

Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

Commercial refrigeration equipment is extremely expensive and extensively used in every business that needs to keep perishables cool to make them last longer. This equipment operates off of fridge compressor motors that pump refrigeration gas through a system to keep temperatures constant. These can be set through thermostats to the desired level of coolness suitable for the products being stored. Regular maintenance is vital on commercial refrigeration equipment because, not only are repairs very expensive, it can mean that you could lose the products stored because they could quickly spoil.

Commercial refrigeration equipment is accessed through doors that can be opened and closed numerous times during use. Specially-designed, magnetic cooler gaskets seal the cold air in while the door is closed, and these should be kept in optimum condition for obvious reasons. If these gaskets do not seal properly, then cold air will escape, causing compressor motors to work harder than what they should. When these cooler gaskets become perished on commercial refrigeration equipment, they should be replaced without delay. Cooler Gaskets is pleased to offer you a complete solution of cooler gaskets for almost every make of commercial refrigeration equipment on the market, and for convenience, you can now order your cooler gasket online.

Because of the nature of the goods being stored in commercial refrigeration equipment>, it is sensible to keep a spare cooler gasket on hand. As soon as it is discovered that there are cracks and openings in the between the door and the walls of commercial refrigeration equipment, the gasket should be changed without delay. You will be pleased to find that Cooler Gaskets offer you the complete solution of gaskets, as well as advice on how to measure and fit your cooler gaskets. If you have a special order profile job for your particular, commercial refrigeration equipment, we can provide a prompt solution for you.

Cooler Gaskets have years of experience in the supply of cooler gaskets for all types of cold rooms, fridges, commercial refrigeration equipment, and other cooling machines. We have double and three-side cooler gaskets that suit all models and door designs, and you can use the diagrams show to make the correct measurements when ordering your gasket profiles. If you are not sure, give us a call and get friendly, professional advice for the gasket you need. Cooling equipment is very expensive and keeping it operating can mean expensive electricity bills. If there is a compromise in your cooler gasket seal, then your cold room motors will run longer and work a lot harder to keep the temperature to the desired setting.

If you are having problems with your commercial refrigeration equipment, it can be because of worn or perished cooler gaskets. Visual inspections at regular intervals are necessary to keep your cold rooms operating efficiently for many years. Keeping a replacement cooler gasket on hand is sensible to avoid costly downtime while waiting for replacement parts. You can conveniently order yours online from us today.

Commercial Freezer

Cold rooms and commercial freezer equipment are used to keep fresh food, meats, flowers, and drinks cold or frozen, so that they keep longer. Making sure that your commercial freezer is in optimum operation is vital because, should a problem develop, then thousands of dollars could be lost if the goods were to spoil. Regular maintenance means checking that gas levels are correct, and that door gaskets seal properly when the doors are closed. Cooler rooms and commercial freezer equipment operate off compressor fridge motors that cycle to keep the temperature at a set level. If the door is not sealed properly, due to a perished or broken cooler gasket, it means that the motor will run continuously to try and keep the temperature consistent.

Cooler Gaskets are the leaders when it comes to supplying a variety of cooler gaskets suitable for any model commercial freezer, fridge, ice machine, or cold room. Many companies neglect to check their fridge equipment gaskets, and this results in fridge compressor breakdown because motors do not get a chance to cycle properly. Over a period of time, commercial freezer coolers gaskets will harden and crack and no longer seal properly when the door is closed, so changing the gasket as soon as possible is vital to avoid expensive breakdowns that will result in costly repairs.

It can be quite difficult to find a gasket supplier that stocks the particular type of gasket for which you are looking. Not so, now that you have discovered Cooler Gaskets, who have built a reputation for prompt supply and complete variety of gaskets for all makes and models of commercial freezers and cold storage equipment. We have provided useful information on how to choose the correct gasket and measure the correct size, so that you can order precisely what you need for your commercial freezer. You can have a look at equipment manufacturers on our website and see that it is possible to purchase your cooler gasket for just about every make and model in the U.S.

If you are looking for cooler gaskets for mobile cooler vehicles, cold rooms, commercial freezer equipment, fridges, ice machines, soft drink stands, and much more, you will find that we are able to supply you promptly after secure online payment. We will ship your commercial freezer gasket directly to your door. If you need advice on the fitment of your cooler gasket, contact our expert staff, who will be happy to help you in every way. Marty Boehmer, the capable professional behind Cooler Gaskets, has extensive experience in refrigeration, so you can certainly use his advice with confidence.

Proper care and maintenance of your commercial freezer and cold room equipment can ensure that it provides you with years of trouble-free operation. Few people realize how important it is that your cooler gasket is clean and in good working order. Regular checkups, which take a few minutes, can help you avoid an expensive breakdown later. Replace your cooler gasket promptly, as soon as you discover any irregularities.