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Randell Refrigeration

Randell Refrigeration is the leader in restaurant refrigeration, which includes bar refrigeration, freezer, prep tables, merchandise display coolers, as well as upright refrigerators and worktops. Numerous restaurants across the United States rely on hard-working and effective cooling and refrigeration systems that are delivered by Randell Refrigeration. Cool Temp Refrigeration, together with Randell Refrigeration, has partnered to provide customers with top-quality refrigeration configurations, as well as gaskets that are custom-designed and manufactured to perfectly suit the entire Randell Refrigeration range. Since 1996, Cool Temp Refrigeration has been in operation, offering repair services to a number of refrigerator makes; however, during their repair work, Cool Temp Refrigeration discovered that the need existed within the industry for the manufacture of refrigerator door gaskets that emphasized quality and affordability. It was at this time that Cooler Gaskets became a manufacturer of affordable refrigerator door gaskets that are able to be used within a number of refrigerator applications and configurations.

Cooler Gaskets makes use of state-of-the-art equipment and a precise and exact measuring and cutting process to manufacture a superior quality refrigerator door gasket, which is able to serve the needs of a number of refrigerator manufacturers, including Randell Refrigeration. The thermal welding of the manufactured refrigerator door gasket is carried out by suspending the profiles in their specific form, before they are thermally fused, and this process allows for perfectly welded angles. The Cooler Gasket’s website offers online users with a useful guide on how to purchase and obtain accurate measurements for their specific refrigerator door gasket. Since the gaskets are manufactured according to supplied specifications, the gaskets are able to suit the entire range of Randell Refrigeration projects, including freezer, upright refrigerators, prep tables, and bar refrigerators.

In addition, should you be an equipment manufacturer or a multi-store operation and require a specific profile of gasket, or a number of gaskets, Cooler Gaskets can easily handle any order – regardless of size. Please feel free to view our website at, and learn more about how Cooler Gaskets and Randell Refrigeration can offer your restaurant facility, hard-working and durable refrigeration choices that will cater to your restaurant demands. Existing customers have come to trust Cooler Gaskets’ commitment to service excellence, and are assured of receiving prompt and efficient service, as well as easy-to-use and easy-to-follow order forms and accurate measurements, which will make sure that all customers purchase the correct refrigerator door gaskets for their specific type of Randell Refrigeration. Cooler Gaskets is able to supply refrigerator door gaskets for all types of commercial freezer and refrigerator units, and larger units that are used in professional and up-market kitchens. Regardless of the existing refrigeration configuration, permit Cooler Gaskets to offer you with the necessary resources to make certain that your choice in Randell Refrigeration offers the optimal functioning of your unit. Furthermore, owing to the fact that Cooler Gaskets is a wholesale supplier, all gaskets are purchased at reduced prices, and our knowledge and expertise within the field of refrigeration and cooling will ensure that customers receive useful and practical advice with regards to fitting and replacing refrigerator door gaskets.