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Commercial Refrigerators

The larger the number of people who require food, the bigger the refrigerator, commercial and industrial size should be, to keep up with the task. Another important aspect of the commercial refrigerator or industrial size is that it remains in good condition. This unit will face a daily workout that no homeowner would put any appliance through. These larger units will need routine and careful maintenance to stay in top shape.

The Condenser Coil

The daily grind for any part of the refrigerator, commercial or industrial in size, will take a toll on the condenser coil as well. The location of the condenser coils within larger or commercial refrigerator sized units will vary, but model specifics can generally be found online. Look at for the model number, and brand, when searching for this information. This part should be cleaned at least once a month to keep it free of kitchen debris, dirt, or dust build-up. Using a commercial condenser coil cleaner is recommended and these can usually be purchased anywhere kitchen equipment is found. The condenser fins should be brushed from top to bottom and never from side to side, and then the fins should be straightened.

Fan Blades and Motors for commercial refrigerator and Industrial Sizes

After the condenser is cleaned, the next phase should be the blades and motor. Here, too, there are typically some small pieces of debris and dust build up. Cleaning here is done with a soft cloth that is run over both the motor and the fan blades. When cleaning the blades on a commercial refrigerator or industrial size remember that when washing the blades, cover the motor with a dry cloth to keep any moisture from running down inside and causing damage. Washing is only truly necessary if there is caked-on grime; otherwise, a simple brushing with a damp rag can do the job.

Around the Refrigerator

Commercial units will be in a busy area, as the work of the kitchen flows around it. It’s a good idea to check around the unit for trouble spots that could be causing air flow problems, grease leaks or other issues to affect the use of the refrigerator. Commercial areas are generally busy and crowded, but some changes in this around the unit can make a big difference in the effective running of the refrigerator.

Inside the Refrigerator

Commercial sized units should also be cleaned. Check the gasket first to see it there are rips, tears or pulls that will cause air to escape. Gaskets and gasket welders to make repairs can be found through Cooler Gaskets. A common mistake here that can be stopped by a qualified repair person is the practice of using too strong a detergent, bleach, or steel wool to clean the inside of the unit. Signs of this will be scratches or wear on the gasket and the insides of the unit. Solvents that involve only mild soap and warm water should be used. If the gasket is sticky, applications of warm water are often all that is needed, however, if this part is worn, it should be replaced. Commercial sized units are a challenge, but for those who are prepared, maintenance can be performed with ease.