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Refrigerator Door Seals

The seal or gasket on the refrigerator helps to keep it cool inside, no matter what the temperature is like on the outside. In a busy kitchen bustling with steaming pots and the scent of food growing warm in ovens, no one wants to open the door and be greeted with more warm air. Unfortunately, the refrigerator door seal can start to leak, and when it does there is a choice for those in charge of keeping things cool regarding how to handle the situation. It’s possible to replace the refrigerator door seal without help, have someone replace it, or go the expense of buying a completely new unit.

Checking the Problem

To make sure that the problem is in fact the refrigerator door and not something else, there’s a quick test to perform. Place a piece of paper between the open refrigerator door and the area it will meet when closed. Close the door, still holding the paper, so that a larger portion of the paper is inside and the smaller piece you are holding is on the outside. Try to pull the piece of paper free without opening the door. If the paper slides out easily, then it’s time to replace the refrigerator door seal.

First Steps

Naturally, the first step is to replace the refrigerator door seal with the same quality as the rest of the unit. The second step can be in finding out how to measure the part. Cooler Gaskets offers easy to understand instructions on how to measure for replacement gaskets. After measuring, it is possible to order the refrigerator door seal with the confidence that it will work with your unit. The better the fit, the cooler your refrigerator will stay.

Inspect the Seals

If you have ordered the part carefully, then you should not have any problems, but it pays to inspect the refrigerator door seal when it is received, for any damage that might have occurred during transit. Carefully check also for kinks, and smooth out folds, as this will make fitting the refrigerator door seal much easier. It is possible to simply gently, but briskly, rub the gasket for a few seconds where the folds have been, to smooth them. Sometimes people try placing the gasket in a microwave for a few minutes, but this should be done with great care.

Remove and Replace the Refrigerator Door Seal

You might find it necessary to peel the official seal on the door back just a bit, in order to reveal the screws that hold the old gasket in place. Remove the screws carefully while noting how the original seal fits in place. When you fit the new refrigerator door seal in place, it is best to work around the perimeter of the door, starting at the top and working downward. Fit the screws loosely in place to hold the seal, then when the entire gasket is fitted, go back to the top and secure the screws. In a few hours, the refrigerator unit should be cool and ready to trust with the food that must be kept cool.